Question 1 Can I reserve a space in this car park?

At the moment, pre-booking a parking space is not yet possible. We are working on this, so reserving a parking space will be possible in the near future.

Question 2 How far from the Concertgebouw is this car park?

From this location, it is a 2-minute walk to the Concertgebouw.

Question 3 How far from the Museumplein is this car park?

From this location, it is a 2-minute walk to the Museumplein.

Question 4 How many spaces does this car park have?

This car park has 72 spaces.

Question 5 What is the maximum vehicle height?

The maximum vehicle height is 1.9m.

Question 6 Can I also pay with coins and banknotes?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. For safety reasons, parking charges can only be paid using
Chip and PIN – VPAY – Eurocard – VISA – XXImo - AMEX

Questions 7 Can I enter the car park with a trailer?

You may not park your car with a trailer in this location.

Question 8 How does the lift work?

When you enter the car park, take a ticket. Drive your car into the lift and press the number of the desired level. Drive out of the lift and park on the desired level. Before leaving, pay at the pay machine. Go to the right level on foot and drive your car to the exit shaft. Insert your parking ticket and the lift will arrive. Drive into the lift and press level 0. When the lift doors open on level 0, you can exit the car park.

Question 9 Is this car park suitable for people with a disability?

Disabled drivers cannot use this car park, because there is no passenger lift at this location. Disabled passengers should get out of the car at the entrance.

Question 10 Who can I call in the event of a malfunction?

The parking equipment has buttons with telephone symbols. If you are experiencing any problems, you can press this button to contact our control room. In the event of a lift failure or breakdown, press the bell symbol. Hold it for 5 seconds, and you will be put in contact with the lift supplier. In the event of a lift breakdown, please switch off your engine.